SCUF pursuit hoodie

by SCUF Gaming

Product Description

The SCUF hoodie is perfect for major gaming events when the air temp is cool and you need to focus. You can also dress up your hoodie and feel great wearing it out for a night on the town. No matter what type of event, you’re going to feel great wearing it! It’s superior quality, battle ready style and soft plush lining provides great stylish lines and a super comfortable fit. It’s a favorite among Pro-Gamers!

The SCUF TACTICAL black hoodie has a body armor effect at the torso and elbows, includes zipped pockets, raised SCUF logo on the chest and a military style interior patch. The SCUF TACTICAL paddle has also been subtly placed on the entire collection.

SCUF TACTICAL apparel includes military design qualities and was designed with style and comfort in mind for extended gaming sessions.