Netduma R1 Gaming Router

by Netduma
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  • RB951G-2hnd
  • Five Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • High powered 2.4 GHz 1000mW 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
  • New generation Atheros 600Mhz CPU
  • 128mb of on board RAM
  • PoE in with a supported Voltage of 9V-30V
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • An unobtrusive unit (113mm x 138mm x 29mm) that can be easily tucked away or wall mounted

Product Description

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Introducing the Netduma R1 Gaming Router to LimeXB. 

Lag is unfortunately something all gamers experience at some point and everyone hates it, whether it’s joining foreign lobbies or the family downloading during those intense moments, it can become enraging. 

Luck for us gamers, Netduma hated LAG too and so the Netduma R1 Router was created. The only router in the world up designed from the ground up to help you dominate LAG.

The Netduma will help transform your gaming experience and here’s how:

  • Never play a long distance, laggy game
  • Eliminate lag caused by others’ downloading and uploading
  • Allocate bandwidth to your gaming devices
  • Avoid laggy hosts
  • Measure the quality of your game’s connection
  • Easily configure your perfect settings

The Netduma router will completely transform your gaming experience. Here’s why:

1. Never play a long distance, laggy game

The main cause of lag is distance. Typically, the closer the host is to you, the better the connection. Netduma’s revolutionary Geo-filter guarantees that your game’s host is located near you.

This hugely reduces lag, making your game more receptive, fairer and ultimately, much more fun.


2. Eliminate lag caused by downloading and uploading

Downloads and uploads create congestion on your network, causing your game’s data to be held in a queue.

This creates substantial lag, making your game unplayable and probably causing arguments between you and the people you live with.

With Netduma’s Anti-Flood, everyone can now intensively use the Internet without causing your game to lag.


3. Allocate bandwidth to your gaming devices

With Device Prioritisation, you can allocate all of your bandwidth to your gaming devices such as your Xbox, Playstation or PC.

This ensures your game receives all the bandwidth it needs. Any excess is automatically given to the other devices in your home so your family or friends are not affected.


4. Avoid laggy hosts

Another player’s bad connection can ruin a good game. With Deny & Allow, you can permanently block a low quality host, ensuring they can never frustrate you again.

You can also white-list your friends who live outside of your Geo-filter range, allowing you to play on great connections without excluding your team mates.


5. Measure the quality of your game’s connection

For console players, ping bars are the only indicator of your game’s lag. But with Netduma’s Ping Stats, the host of your game is automatically pinged to give you an exact reading on the quality of the connection.

For most major PC games, even more information is provided, including a rating of your game’s connection, its stability and its packet loss.


6. Easily configure your perfect settings

Setting up your Netduma router could not be simpler – just plug it into your existing router, connect your devices to your new Netduma router and away you go.

Plus with an attractive and intuitive interface which is decades ahead of the outdated router interfaces you are probably used to, it could not be easier to configure your ideal settings. No expertise is required and an active community forum are on hand to help whenever you need it.

Hardware Specs:

Many of the Netduma’s features are intensive and require high performance router hardware to run. So we scoured the world for a manufacturer with the hardware capable of packing enough punch to power our game-changing software:

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