G Fuel Strawberry Slushie Tub
G Fuel Strawberry Slushie Tub
G Fuel Strawberry Slushie Tub
G Fuel Strawberry Slushie Tub
G Fuel Strawberry Slushie Tub

G Fuel Strawberry Slushie Tub


  • Only 15 Calories
  • Sugar Free Formula
  • 40 Servings Per Tub
  • Gamers Energy Drink

$33.00 $40.00

G FUEL Energy Formula is THE healthy replacement for sugar-loaded canned Energy Drinks.


Heads up! That was a close one! Almost got taken out by one shot! All the Snippity Snipers know that ONE_shot_GURL and G FUEL are running duos and bringing you the brand new ONE_shot_GURL-inspired G FUEL Strawberry Slushie! You MIGHT stand a chance with your focus and energy kicked up into high gear! Grab the ONE_shot_GURL’s new G FUEL Strawberry Slushie! Not only does it taste exactly like that chilled, sweet, refreshing summer drink, but it's also one of OSG’s favorites! Grab some ice, shake it up, enjoy, and find some cover!

What is G FUEL? And how does it work?

G FUEL is a Natural Energy Drink Formula created by Gamma Labs. Our original goal was to create a 100% clean, natural, and healthy alternative to sugar-loaded Energy Drinks. What we were after was an Energy Drink which would meet even the high standards of the most active and hectic lifestyles. In fact, our first customer was a professional eSports athlete who wanted an immediate increase in Energy, Focus, and Endurance; without the use of toxic chemicals or additives in sugary Energy Drinks. You can check out Team Gamma to see all the professionals since then who now trust G FUEL.

When we created G FUEL, we ended up cracking the code on the perfect Energy Drink. And it's even better than we first imagined it could be. While sugary Energy Drinks contain a lot of unknown chemicals, G FUEL is clean. You know exactly what's in it because it mixes with your very own clean water.

How long does G FUEL take to work? And how long does it last?

After consuming a full serving of G FUEL, it will take about 10-15 minutes for the desired effects to kick in. And depending on how many servings you take (you should start by taking just 1), the increase in Energy and Focus can last between 4-6 hours! The best part is... unlike sugar-loaded energy drinks, there's NO CRASH once the effects of G FUEL wear off!

  • Only 15 Calories
  • Sugar Free Formula
  • 40 Servings Per Tub
  • Gamers Energy Drink

How many servings come in a single Tub or a single Box?

G FUEL Energy Drink Formula is available in a 40 serving Tub (1 scoop = 1 serving) or single-serving Stick Packs. The scoopers in our Tubs are specially designed to fit perfectly into the top of a plastic water bottle or Shaker Cup. Each scoop is equivalent to approximately 1 tablespoon of powder. You won't have to create a make-shift funnel out of paper or anything like that. There's NO mess and NO waste. If you are looking to fuel up on the go, our single-serving stick packs are perfect for you!



Not recommended for children under 16 years of age or pregnant or breast-feeding women.



Folks from the EU! May we have your attention! G FUEL is proud to announce Lime Pro Gaming as our official Online EU/UK Distributor! Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Wow, G FUEL! That’s cool and all, but what does this mean for me exactly?” Well, we’re glad you asked! Here’s a simple breakdown of the benefits you can expect to see from our newfound relationship with Lime Pro Gaming:

  • Faster Shipping: Because Lime Pro Gaming is based out of the UK and not the US (we’re based out of New York in case ya’ didn’t know), shipping within the UK, and the EU in general, will now be quicker than ever!
  • More Affordable Shipping: Another advantage to Lime Pro Gaming being UK-based is the more simplified shipping system and rates. So if you happen to be from the EU, you can pretty much say “bye bye!” to those annoying import tax and customs inspections fees, and say “hello!” to shipping that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!
  • A Unified Formula: Because the EU has different substance and ingredient standards than the US, it was previously difficult for us to ship our products to some international customers (customs would often times seize our packages, preventing them from reaching our customers) – More specifically, regions such as Belgium or Norway. But now, thanks to a new and improved formula variant that we’ve sent directly to Lime Pro Gaming, they’ll be able to ship a handful of our best flavors to customers all around the world!
  • Ease of Use: Thanks to Lime Pro Gaming’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate website, getting G FUEL delivered to your doorstep is as easy as heading to their online shoppe, selecting your desired items, and hitting that checkout button! Bazinga!
  • View the Official Blog Post Here


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