Take your gaming to the next LEVEL!!

par marni cockell sur May 06, 2020

Here at LIME, we have some of the best gaming equipment and accessories. We want to give you some awesome recommendations to help you be the best gamer you can be and take your game to the next level! We have it all, whether your a console gamer or a PC gamer we have a few products you NEED in your arsenal. 

Let’s talk Headsets. Here at LIME, we have a whole range of Astro Gaming headsets to fit any level of gamer and any budget. From A10s all the way up to A50 Gen 4 headsets. You have your choice of wired or wireless, base stations or TXD’s and a range of modkits to personalise your pair to suit you. 

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Now about LPG. We have our own line of affordable accessories to improve your game. We have QuickDraw a PS4 controller attachment with adjustable trigger stopper and a comfortable grip. 

We have FPS Aim Assist, available or Xbox1 and PS4 these foam bands come in 4 different resistance setting to help increase both accuracy and precision by offering resistance in the opposite direction you are aiming your controller sticks. 

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Do you want a modded controller but don’t want to pay extreme amounts of money for one, or maybe you want to try it out before making the investment. We have the perfect product. Available for Xbox1 and PS4 a Collective minds strike-pack is a perfect affordable alternative. It simply attaches to the back of your controller giving you ergonomic paddles that can be mapped to any button. 

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Are you a streamer? Is it something you have thought about getting into?

Webbaround is an affordable, portable green screen that attaches to the back of your chair covering the area around your torso. This nifty product will change the game when it comes to streaming. Allowing you to stream from anywhere. 

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These products are definitely something you want in your collection. Take a look at these amazing products and improve your gaming experience.