Call Of Duty: WWII is most wanted Christmas game – Assassin’s Creed Origins is second

par Chris Smith sur December 04, 2017

The mistakes of last year’s Infinite Warfare seem to be completely behind Call Of Duty, as it’s predicted to be the most popular game in America this Christmas. Nielsen, who also do TV ratings in America, polled almost 6,000 American gamers between August 21 and September 23 to see how much they were anticipating the various big-name titles. Their rather odd way of representing this is via a percentage, with anything in the 90-100% range counting as ‘extremely high anticipation’. Call Of Duty: WWII was the most anticipated multiformat game, with a near perfect 99% rating. According to Nielsen this indicates that ‘current overall anticipation for the game is higher than 99% of previous games when at that same point in the pre-release cycle’. The second most anticipated multiformat game is Assassin’s Creed Origins at 95%, followed by Star Wars Battlefront II at 90%, and WWE 2K18 at 80%. It was only American gamers that were polled. but usually the only major difference compared to UK fans is sports games. And since all of those are already out this list is likely to be very similar across both continents. Racing games do tend to be a little more popular in Europe though, so Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport, both of which are on 85%, may do a little better here.

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