The Healthy Gamer

por Joe Tuley en January 10, 2019

As most of you gamers play for around 8/10 hours a day, it’s really hard to keep topped up with the nutrients and vitamins you need to keep you focused, dedicated and at your best.  Studies have shown that gamers are treating themselves more like athletes, rather than the stereotypical sweaty hair with tins of high sugary energy drink and pizza boxes scattered over the floor.

Gamers are looking for the right nutrients to cater to their needs - Proper nutrition has been shown to aid in improving mental and physical performance – two components that are vital for eSports/Gaming. These two components can be broken down into cognition, focus, and reflexes which are all key to gaming performance. As well as this, another major factor is making sure that your equipment is set up to stop repetitive strain injury, back problems, deterioration in eye sight overall.

Making sure that you combat all of these areas is key, so you can beat your opponents and reach that next level!  Here at Lime Pro Gaming, we’ve got the recipe you need to understand the importance of being a healthier you.


Sometimes you can have a bad session, it may make you feel angry that you’ve just lost that 1v1 or can’t quite work out where to go in that next quest? Well making sure that you stay calm and collected is vital to your wellbeing and positive state. Taking breaks every 2 hours, of around 20 minutes to take some time out and take your mind off of it.

Make sure that you take a walk, get that blood pumping around and increase the oxygen to your system by going outside for some fresh air. Once you have done this you can come back and out frag the competition with a clear, focused brain and personal wellbeing as much as you like.

Now onto Fitness, you’re probably thinking what does fitness and gaming have to do with each other? We’ll together they makes an awesome team and allow you to perform better. Stretching is key, after a while your body will begin to cease up, especially if you’ve been at your desk for the past few hours. We will cover some of these over the next few weeks in our YouTube channel. 

Dieting! No, I’m not on about getting on that latest fad diet. I’m talking about looking after yourself correctly. With the right amount of fruit, vegetables, protein spilt across three meals throughout the day. So, ditch those high saturated fried crisps and calorific chocolate bars for healthier alternatives such as a piece of fruit or nuts and seeds. Did you know that Bananas are good for an increase of energy or blueberries for an increase of oxidants in your body to allow you to focus better.

You’re now thinking if I am making smart snack choices, what am I going to drink? The norm would be to go down your local shop and pick up a high sugar energy drink, right? We’ll that’s the thing of the past now with GFUEL – A low sugar, low caffeine energy formula which comes in 6 amazing tasty flavours. Don’t take our word for it – check it out.

We’ve sat down and created the ideal workout and diet plan just for gamers. This weekly plan will help you increase your overall performance, keep you fit and healthy and allow you to become that pro gamer that you’ve dreamt off! There’s useful tips and tricks when it comes to meal preparation, stretching and exercise that you can do at home or in the gym. 

The Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is vital to any gamer’s success. Yes, you can have extra triggers, performance controllers and higher refresh rates but have you thought about the positioning of your battle station or console area?

Most of us have a simple system, but there are some hardcore gamers that are putting time into their build to make it the best it can be. From gaming desks, gaming chairs, monitor stands, mic booms and much more. Streamers can spend up to 6 hours at a time during a stream and you need to be comfortable. Spending a bit of cash can really help! 

Have you thought about it carefully? Is your monitor at eye height this should be around one arm’s length away from your hand.  One thing we have to realise with regards to this is that everyone is different, so if you don’t feel conformable please re adjust, you may need a few tries before you get it right. Have you seen our monitor stands which attach to your desk? They allow you to constantly change the height and angle of the monitor? 

How is your chair positioned? Does it support your neck and back correctly for those long night gaming sessions? Making sure that the chair is angled between 90-120 degrees, with a lumbar support conforming to the NATURAL curvature of your lower back is vital. Get your hands on an awesome gaming chair from one of the brands we work with, they have multiple headsets, position settings and are super comfortable too! 


Check out our weekly YouTube videos which will show you how to adjust your set up for optimum performance in the following subjects:

  • Chair adjustments
  • Monitor height and positioning
  • Feet positioning
  • Exercise Plan/Workouts
  • Ditch those high caffeine energy drinks
  • Meal prep made easy

If you want to suggest a topic for us to cover why not drop us a message via social or send us a email directly

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