GAME like a PRO with Lime Pro Gaming! We've been carefully developing some awesome gaming accessories just for YOU! Want to be the next PRO gamer? Why not check out what we've got to offer below.


Lime Pro Gaming QuickDraw Trigger & Grip For Playstation 4

No need for that expensive modded controller, simply attach QUICKDRAW and increase that K/D ratio.

  • Increased Trigger Length

  • Adjustable Triggers

  • Extra Comfort Grip

Suitable for Playstation 4 Official Controllers 

FPS Aim Assist (Xbox & Playstation)

FPSAIMASSIST is a console controller accessory designed to increase both accuracy and precision by offering resistance in the opposite direction you are aiming your controller sticks.

  • Improve stability and accuracy

  • Reduces aiming over-travel

  • Dampens stopping noises

Suitable for Playstation 4 & Xbox One Controllers

FPS Aim Assist version 2.0 For PS4/PS5, Xbox & Series X & Switch Pro Controller


Making sure you're comfortable whilst gaming is key, why not rep the LPG brand at the same time? 

  • S, M, L & XL sizes

  • LPG Branded 

  • Choose from three colours

Big fan of LIME? Well now be part of the team with the LPG branded shaker! Now with GFuel on the roster you can fill your cup with 10 different flavours! Or mix up your favourite milkshake or protein shake too! Be the ENVY of all your mates..

  • 500ml size

  • GFUEL Collaboration

  • 100% leak free!

Stay connected, but not restricted with the LPG 2m Micro USB Gaming Cable. Specifically designed for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, PC, and micro USB-compatible mobile devices.

  • 2m Cable Length

  • Micro USB

  • Suitable for Xbox & PS4