PS4 Cables & Spares

Need a new charging cable for your SCUF controller? Lost your HDMI cable? Never fear, Lime are here! We stock a range of high quality controller charging cables, HDMI cables and spare parts for the PlayStation 4, and many of our products are available in a choice of colours. Fancy a red SCUF charging cable to go with your SCUF Impact Adrenaline controller? Or how about a blue charging cable to perfectly compliment your SCUF Infinity 4PS? Either way, we've got your back.

Astro M80 mixamp adapter refurbished

SCUF Precision Sticks 4PS


SCUF ring lock kit


SCUF Braided Cable


SCUF 4PS Pro Paddles

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SCUF Infinity 4PS Paddles


Kontrol Freek cable

Natec Genesis A20 Premium 4 Pin Headset Adapter Jack
Official Playstation powerfast 4M play & charge cable