The Yeticaster - Blue Mic Review

by marni cockell on October 16, 2020

We've got something new this week at Lime Pro Gaming. Our good friends at Blue Mic have sent us a Yeticaster to use in our upcoming podcasts! We've got the lowdown when it comes to the spec, quality and usability. 

Set up/What's in the box

  • 1x Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  • 1x Compass Premium broadcast boom arm
  • 1x Radius III Custom Shockmount
  • 1x Micro USB Lead 2m
  • 1x Instruction Manual/Setup Guide

After unboxing it all, I had three parts. The Yeti, the boom arm and the shock mount, all of this was screw parts and clearly labelled. The screws also felt really strong, and exceptional build quality too. After assembling the device, I mounted it to the desk, using the mount and then was able to adjust it.

Good thing about the boom arm is that it can be moved into any required position when not in use, I used the end of the desk so I can just fold it it away.  

So set up was super easy, it works both on Windows and Mac. Plug it in, and Windows will detect the drivers and install it under the standard method but only giving you basic input/outputs. I hopped onto the Blue Website and downloaded the latest drivers and installed the software, after that it started updating the device and from then was able to fine tune the settings. Which was pretty cool, I could adjust the gain, volume, which type of microphone I wanted (Cardioid / omni-directional / bi-directional) and also test the levels to get the optimised settings. The software was really easy to use, and even updated the microphones firmware at the same time. 


As you can see, it's one sexy bit of kit. The matt black finish throughout, matched my system and set up quite well. However I was thinking, maybe they could of done it in white like the old Blue Mic Snowball's. Really impressed with the finishing, and the branding of the Blue logo throughout, not in your face but enough to scream this is a high level piece of equipment. They definitely took some designers from Logitech and moved them over to the Blue brand. 



As I mentioned above, I've been using it on Microsoft Teams and Streamlabs and everyone has noticed the increase of quality in my voice compared to my trusty A50 GEN4 System! It does bring a new meaning to crisp clear audio. I also love how you adjust the settings using the software with a click of a button and it pushes them over to the device within seconds. As well as using the buttons and dials on the device itself, you're able to switch between microphone modes, adjust the gain and volume of the mic to suit. I was playing Call Of Duty with some friends and when the battle got a bit heated, I quickly turned down the volume of the microphone on the fly, so everyone didn't hear me scream down the mic when I got that clutch. Also the quick mute function worked, when the dog was barking live on stream too, it also has a little light there to see in the dark when streaming in the evening. Love that! 

You can see the specification below:

Final Thoughts 

After using this for a few weeks now, either gaming or conference calls, I'm outstanded of how crisp the quality is, removing unnecessary background noise, and the features to really fine tune the set up and producing awesome quality voice clips for our upcoming podcasts. No need for any after market stands, condensers, this kit has it all and from a brand we trust. The price of the unit suits around £199.99 but honestly it's worth every penny. 

LPG SCORE - 4.5/5 Stars

Next week we'll have the full unboxing, video review for you to watch too! Check out our Youtube Channel! Would you like us to stock this? Send us a email