How to set up a Webaround Green Screen

by marni cockell on January 13, 2020

Have you ever thought about getting a green screen? With all the options out there it's hard to know what product to get and how to get started. Webaround is the perfect option for a beginner, someone who travels a lot or someone that just wants a simple set up you can move easily and put away. It's an affordable, portable green screen that attaches to the back of your chair covering the area around your torso. This nifty product will change the game when it comes to streaming. Allowing you to stream from anywhere. 

This convenient product comes in 2 sizes 52” and 56” with a range of 3 different colours to choose from: green, blue, and grey. 

The product has a massive area that collapses down to less than half its original size fitting into a bag for storage. Made of durable neoprene and nylon its flexible and durable ready to handle many uses. 

You simply attach the webaround to any chair you have and your all set.

Carefully take the webaround out of the storage bag, make sure you have enough space around you and your careful not to hit yourself or anything around you as it unfolds. 

One side of the greenscreen has three straps, 2 stretchy elastic and one nylon. The two elastic straps will attach across the width of your chair velcroing together to secure it in place, the nylon strap then comes over the head of your chair, velcroing to the elastic straps for extra support. 

From this you can slowly adjust it so it’s in the middle of the screen and that the screen is comfortable. 


Now it’s on to the good part, setting up Streamlabs to work with the Webaround. Really simple, download streamlabs and set up your streaming profile, please note you will need a webcam for this we would recommend the Logitech C920 for this. 

Streamlabs (Image - Screenshot of the set up of streamlabs)

First you need to add the different layers to suit your scene, such as images, gaming feeds and so fourth. 

FYI you may need to adjust your lighting to suit the levels of the chroma key but normally this can be achieved in a small spotlight. 

Streamlabs Image - Add Chroma Layer and select the right colour (should be XX hex code)

After you've done that, simply right click the webcam filter and add Chroma Key, set it to Green (or whatever colour your webaround is) and you’re good to go.

Click APPLY/Done, and you will be able to see yourself immersed on the webcam. You can then change your background to be any colour, picture or setting just like any other greenscreen technology .

Follow these easy steps and you're done. It's that simple. If you get stuck reach out to us