CTRL Meal Replacement

by marni cockell on August 10, 2020

You don’t always have to choose convenience over taste. With CTRL you can have it ALL!

Elevate your taste buds to the next LEVEL! 

Who doesn’t love the taste of the bottom of the cereal bowl? With 3 standout flavours, welcome to your morning treat, enjoyable at all times of the day. Choose between  Cinnamon Toast, Cocoa Crunch and Fruity Flakes or try all three with our CTRL sample kit

CTRL is a powder-based meal replacement shake that has been created to help you perform at your very best — giving you all the protein, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals you need in your day-to-day. Only 280 calories per shake it’s a much cheaper, tastier and healthier alternative to greasy junk food. 

* 23g of Protein - Keeps you fuller for longer

* 5g of Fibre - Aids digestion and promotes healthy gut

* 22 Vitamins/Minerals - Feel more energetic and focused

* 280 Calories - Perfect calorie balanced meal replacement

Meal replacements are perfect for gamers. Just grab it and enjoy without compromising taste or losing game time. Get all the goodness your body needs to recharge. Stay hydrated, grind for longer and win.

This will provide you with the right calories as if you’re having suitable for a meal such as a breakfast or lunch. Plus high in protein which keeps you fuller for longer, and jam-packed with 26 vitamins/minerals to keep your body topped up. Oh don't forget as well it's high in fibre too which helps with lowering your cholesterol and controls your blood sugars! Plus it tastes GREAT! 

Gamer to gamer, us here at LPG have loved trying these awesome flavours and can’t get enough! 

Here’s a testimonial from a member of staff.

‘Definitely for those with a sweet tooth. Its quite filling and easy to drink, definitely not powdery as other meal replacement shakes are. The Cinnamon flavour is good, well balanced and smooth.’