Christmas Gift Guide For A Gamer

Christmas Gift Guide For A Gamer

Is your friend, child or significant other a gamer? Do you need gift ideas? Don't worry we have the perfect list.

Buying gifts has to be in the top ten hardest things and as you get older it only gets harder. There's only so much perfume/aftershave you can get someone right? Asking them kind of defeats the purpose and 9 times out of then they say they don't know. Well, we know! If you have someone in your life that games we have a whole range of Gaming accessories that can make great presents, small or large, inexpensive or expensive, you can find it all right here at Lime Pro Gaming. 

Perfect stocking/Filler gifts:

  • TRIGGER TREADS for XB1 grips that attach to the triggers on an Xbox controller.  Only £4.99

  • LPG/GFUEL Shaker Cup Usually £12.99 now only £9.74

Gaming on a budget:

  • FURY GAMING: Fury Gaming offers a range of PC gaming equipment, Keyboards, Mouse, Headsets and more. The Fury Thunderstreak bundle 4-1 Gaming set is all any gamer would need whether it’s getting started or just looking for new equipment this would make a wonderful gift. Price ranging from £9.99 - £34.99

  • ASTRO A10 Headset. Quality Audio, Flip-Up Mute Function, Detachable 3.5mm Volume Control Cable. Usually £54.99 now only £49.99.

Main Gifts:

  • GFUEL a sugar-free energy drink you can mix with water or lemonade. A tub of 40 servings only £34.99

  • COLLECTIVE MINDS STRIKE PACK for both PS4 and Xbox. Get the modded controller without the modded price.  Only £44.95

  • WEBAROUND a portable easy to set up Green Screen. Only £49.99

  • EVIL PS4 & XB1 CONTROLLER £99.99

  • ASTRO A20 HEADSET £149.99 now only £119.99.

Perfect Gift Selection:

  • ASTRO C40 PS4 CONTROLLER £189.99

  • ASTRO A 40 HEADSET/SYSTEM £129.99 - £249.99

  • ASTRO A50 SYSTEM  £259.99

These are some really awesome products we thought any gamer would appreciate. We at LPG know these products work and that they won't be disappointed. So grab some really cool controller accessories and equipment and give the best gifts this Christmas. 

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