Choose your next loadout…

by marni cockell on March 19, 2020

Who’s enjoying the latest addition to the Call Of Duty franchise...WARZONE. We certainly are!  Do you need to update your arsenal? Here at LIME, we’ve got you covered. With a whole range of battle-ready controller accessories and attachments to mod your controller and your gameplay. Stay on top of your game and improve your K/D with these essential upgrades. 

Mod your controller with these easy to attach affordable PS4 attachments. With Quickdraw you’ll be able to aim and shoot quicker. 

Need to update your controller but don’t wanna bin your trusty sidekick. We’ve got the perfect product for you. Available for PS4 & Xbox1 a collective minds strike pack simply attaches the back of your controller. Get a modded controller without the modded price.

Do you have trouble aiming? Or just want to aim quicker with more efficiency? The FPS AimAssist attachments come in 4 different resistance settings to provide resistance in the opposite direction you are aiming your controller sticks. This simple but effective product will improve your game for sure. 

Kontrol Freeks Performance Thumbsticks, for both Xbox and PS4. With improved accuracy, enhanced grip and more range you get the ultimate in-game advantage. They don't look too bad either. With a range of designs like COD: MW, Black Ops, Grav Slam and many more.

The Astro A20 Call Of Duty edition is the perfect headset to compliment your playing. With a detachable 3.5mm volume control cable, flip-up mute function and quality audio designed for gaming, streaming and VR. 

The COD: MW Loot Box is perfect for any Call Of Duty fan. Be the envy of your friends with this awesome loot box inspired by Call of Duty Modern Warfare. With fun themed products inside this box would make the perfect present or add to your collection. 

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