A fresh squeeze - New website!

by Chris Smith on September 18, 2018

That's right, we've given our website a fresh look, new functionality and more products! Over the past few months we've listened to what you've got to say and been building our new site behind the scenes. Check out below some of the new features at Lime Pro Gaming:

Mobile responsive

Our website is now fully mobile optimised, images load quicker, product descriptions are more informative and much easier to navigate with the new pop up navigation menu on the top left. 

Improved navigation

We've made it easier to navigate through our shop, simply click the type of gamer you are. Are you a playstation gamer or even a PC streamer? We've got the right mix of products to help you reach that next level.

Special offers

This is the only feature you'll LOVE the most! We've created a special offers deal page, just for those awesome LIME pro gaming deals every month. 

Secure trusted payment

We're now backed by Sage Pay - One of the UK's leading payment processors to protect you're card details online as well as Paypal. Plus our 265-BIT encryption SSL certificate will keep those hackers away!

Delivery countdown

Now this is one of the my favourite features on the new website, delivery countdown so you know when you're going to get you're products in your hands. But remember our delivery cut off is 3pm Monday to Friday. If you want it delivered on Saturday, please do select the right method at the checkout!

Improved product pages

We went back to the drawing board with this one, and had a look around at some of the best commerce websites out there, and took features and functions from every single one to make our product pages the best ever! New improved gallery, so you can fully understand the product, clear pricing, delivery countdown, quick buy and much more. Check it out!

Better checkout 

It's easier to view, save your details, and pay securely via Sage or Paypal. Plus there's now an awesome option to add your discount codes too your order at the checkout than the end so you can see how you're saving with Lime Pro Gaming.

Saved baskets

If you're logged in, you can save your basket and resume on any device, weather you're on your lunch break on your phone or at home on your PC, you can just log in and see where you left off!

Faster website

The new website is around 150% faster, it's been SUPERCHARGED! Faster checkout process, quicker product loading times, less data hungry images. Should make it so much easier when buying the products you need! 

Recently viewed & Best Sellers

On the new product pages, we've included recently viewed and best sellers so you don't have to navigate away to find them. We'll include the best picks of the week too!

New products

PLUS we've updated the site with brand new products, that have been tried and tested by us at Lime Pro Gaming, and given them the seal of approval! Over the next few weeks, we're going to be showcasing them on our Youtube channel, so you'll want to check that out! 

We would love to hear what you think of the new website? Why not drop us a message on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, drop in on our DM's via Instagram or even the contact page on site.